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Protect Your Domain Name

"Protect Your Domain Name" text on background of umbrellas

Ever received an email or even something printed in the mail, about renewing your domain name and wondered – is it a scam or is it real?

I received the following three emails within 24 hours. They all appear legitimate but only two of them actually are. Can you spot the fake? It’s the third one which ramps up the false urgency.

Domain name scam emails

I’ve received many emails like this which can also be worrying:

Bogus domain registration email

The first rule is to not fall for the false urgency. Scammers will suggest that something is urgent and that you need to act right away. That’s the first warning that something might be wrong.

Take a breath and really read what is being sent. A common tactic is for scammers to send what looks like a domain name renewal form but it’s actually a domain transfer form. If you take a careful look at the wording it may say that but you have to get past the sticker shock and sense of alarm if it has false urgency.

The single best rule I can give you – don’t click links in email if you have any doubt about the source. And for online banking or any sensitive online access – never click links in email. Go to the website for your bank or domain registrar, login, and then deal with the issue.

Safeguarding your domain name is particularly important if you use email at that domain name. Whoever controls the domain name controls the email. If scammers gain control of your domain they can potentially access anything that uses that email such as online banking, etc.

Remember that a domain name is just a name. It’s not your website. But the domain name determines the location of your website and your email. Think of it like a road sign pointing the way. It’s not the destination, just the way to get there. But changing that sign will change where people go.

Still confused? Check out my previous post about The Difference Between a Domain name, Web Hosting, and Website.

Still have questions? Received a dubious domain renewal email? Get in touch and we’ll provide some peace of mind

Photo credit: Catrin Johnson