Richard Munter and Jessica Westermann lead the unique partnership of Munter Westermann Arts & Media.  A cross-functional team, Munter Westermann has developed communication materials for leading environmental, arts, and service organizations.  We have expertise and extensive experience across multiple disciplines allowing us to design for and deliver optimally across different media.

Richard works on all stages of production including concept development, execution, and delivery on web, video, design, and performance projects. Learn more about Richard.

Jessica’s background lies in performing arts and administration.  She has a particular focus on instruction, design, and planning. Learn more about Jessica.

Richard Munter

Richard Munter

Jessica Westermann

Jessica Westermann


My Origin Story

My Origin Story

It’s a New Year and a good time to reconnect with you and re-introduce myself since you may not know all the ways that we can work together. Though I’m no Marvel superhero, I do have an origin story and I thought I’d share with you how I developed my skills in web, video, and graphic design.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping people communicate in a variety of media. After graduating from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University), I got a job at boutique creative agency, Design Vision. I started as assistant video editor with one of my first assignments being to finish a video promoting the new home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors – the Air Canada Centre (now Scotiabank Arena). My colleagues developed 3D animation flythroughs of the new arena. When I finally walked through the physical space, I felt like I had been there before because I had seen it so many times on the screens in the editing suite.

My job expanded to include shooting video locally and I also travelled to shoot in New York, Vancouver, and St. John’s. We produced videos for Shoppers Drug Mart, Bell Canada, Rogers, Nike, and many others.

When I first started at Design Vision, we shared office space with Novator. They were a web development firm whose biggest client was FTD Online. Because of that relationship, they weathered the dot-com bubble bursting that took down many other companies.

Later, a third roommate, direct marketing company Lowe RMP, moved into the shared office at College Park in Toronto.

Unknowingly, I emerged from university into an environment with 3D animators, graphic designers, web designers and marketers. It was the perfect place to learn about communicating with video, print, and online. Over my time at Design Vision, I also stepped into creative direction and project management. Without knowing it, that job was preparing me to go freelance and run my own business.

In 2005, my wife and I started Munter Westermann Arts & Media. That wasn’t exactly the plan, but it was the push I needed to get started.

My main focus then and now, has been building and supporting my clients’ websites. At that time, we were still building sites or parts of sites using Flash. And I wasn’t aware of WordPress or other content-management systems.

I have many clients for whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with in multiple media. For JdJ Jewellery, my first client, I built the website, designed print catalogues, created videos, and even retouched photographs. We began working together in 2005 and continue to do so today. I have supported countless product launches and we have collaborated on multiple iterations of the JdJ website as the company’s needs and technology have evolved.

Ongoing since 2009, for RCM Health, I built and maintain multiple websites to support different services. I have created numerous videos and provided brochures and other print materials.

Being able to go to one person for these different media makes it so much easier for my clients. They only need to manage one relationship. It’s one conversation. They don’t need to explain their vision or provide logo files or give access to multiple designers. I’ve got it and I can take care of it.

With the ever changing face of technology, there’s always something new to learn but the basics remain the same. And the main thing- connecting with people – won’t change. I’m looking to build long term relationships with my clients, supporting them and their visions for their businesses. I’m happy to be working with many clients for a decade or more – to help them communicate using their websites, email newsletters, videos, and print projects.

That’s the story so far – let’s see what the new year brings.

Photo credit: Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash