Richard Munter and Jessica Westermann lead the unique partnership of Munter Westermann Arts & Media.  A cross-functional team, Munter Westermann has developed communication materials for leading environmental, arts, and service organizations.  We have expertise and extensive experience across multiple disciplines allowing us to design for and deliver optimally across different media.

Richard works on all stages of production including concept development, execution, and delivery on web, video, design, and performance projects. Learn more about Richard.

Jessica’s background lies in performing arts and administration.  She has a particular focus on instruction, design, and planning. Learn more about Jessica.

Richard Munter

Richard Munter

Jessica Westermann

Jessica Westermann


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My Origin Story

My Origin Story

Though I’m no Marvel superhero, I do have an origin story and I thought I’d share with you how I developed my skills in web, video, and graphic design.

Does your site need to be accessible? - background image of Ishihara colour deficiency test

Does your site need to be accessible?

With the deadline just a month away to meet Ontario’s accessibility requirements, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and have been working to audit and fix sites so that they’re accessible.


It’s all about Connection

Overwhelmed with all the communications/marketing options you have now? Fallen in love with the latest/greatest tech? I find it helpful to remember what we’re trying to achieve.

How I Shoot Video

How I shoot Video

The police officer rolled up in her car beside me on the sidewalk.  Someone had complained about the suspicious man loitering on the street with a strange contraption pointed at a hospital.

Engage visitors with Interactive Charts

Engage visitors with Interactive Charts

Straight up tables of numbers can be incredibly dry and hard to understand. By converting these statistics into interactive graphs and charts, I’m giving site visitors a better way to engage with and understand the data.