Richard Munter and Jessica Westermann lead the unique partnership of Munter Westermann Arts & Media.  A cross-functional team, Munter Westermann has developed communication materials for leading environmental, arts, and service organizations.  We have expertise and extensive experience across multiple disciplines allowing us to design for and deliver optimally across different media.

Richard works on all stages of production including concept development, execution, and delivery on web, video, design, and performance projects. Learn more about Richard.

Jessica’s background lies in performing arts and administration.  She has a particular focus on instruction, design, and planning. Learn more about Jessica.

Richard Munter

Richard Munter

Jessica Westermann

Jessica Westermann


Tappy Tees

Tappy Tees is a truly multi-disciplinary project for us incorporating graphic design, print production, and web development.

We design and produce a series of fun T-shirts for Tap dancers. We sell these shirts at events and through the e-commerce site, that we built and manage.


Siobhan Roberts Website Redesign

“Richard Munter is fabulously no-nonsense: effective, efficient, engaging.”
Siobhan Roberts, author

We’ve just relaunched the website for science writer, Siobhan Roberts.  This is my favourite kind of project – great client, great content, and the opportunity to contribute technically and creatively.  With a no-pressure deadline, we were able to take our time to craft the site she needs for the launch of her new book.

Her original site, that I had maintained for years, needed a refresh and in particular, needed to work on mobile.  I found a minimalist, newspaper-type, theme for her new WordPress site.  Then we ported in the content and started crafting the site.

With lots of back and forth, we collaborated well to build a clean site that really highlights her work. Text is easy to read and nothing distracts from the star of the show – Siobhan’s writing.

Check it out here: